Dear editors, copywriters, translators and freelancers

We create training courses in different languages of the world.
And you have an opportunity to join the team of Amonag multilanguage project.

Amonag is the place where anyone who wants to learn can come. Here you can gain new knowledge in different spheres and at the same time learn the most popular foreign languages.


Amonag is created to make education truly unlimited, without state borders, without limitation of enrollment for a course and without stress. Amonag project makes it possible to acquire the necessary knowledge remotely from anywhere in the world, speaking any language. We support progress in education. And you can become a part of a new stage in the educational system development. You can learn free of charge by testing the existing materials or earn by creating new ones - decide for yourself what suits you.

To work in Amonag project you need to know at least one foreign language. And for the specialists that know several languages we are ready to offer longer-term cooperation!

Contact us for details of terms of payment and responsibilities.

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